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Planting a Seed

I feel as though I celebrated spring in a way I can feel gratified. I recently planted the small saplings I had keep alive all winter. I also kept baby chicks, ducks, and a goose happy and healthy in cardboard boxes in my laundry room. Now, the plants are buried in rich garden soil and my tiny animals have flown the coop (the box)…I have a deep sense of accomplishment and I am happy with the results of my winter effort.

Waking up on cold January mornings, sometimes before coffee, I could hear my little peeps in the snug laundry room. I knew they wanted fresh water and food, and I knew doing just that would get my winter day off to a good start. I fed the baby chicks and ducks and turned on the grow lights and watered my little plants, plants I started from the smallest seeds, miracles of nature, right there in my ordinary laundry room…imagine.

Now, Mr. Owl, it is your turn to do your job…

Perhaps this little entry will also plant a ‘seed’ in someone who reads this …

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