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Mixed Feelings

Saturday…a day to be free, a day to enjoy.

For some reason, I think of my Grandmother Farris on this Saturday. I understand, from my dad and my cousin, Glenda, that she tagged each day with certain household chores. I am not sure what chore Saturday held, but here is what I know from Glenda…


“You'd have to shuffle the days and she never would have let Grandpa go grocery shopping with her.  She usually did that on Wednesday after the specials were advertised (as did my mother).  Laundry day was subject to the weather as she hung everything on the line.  … weather permitting, she did wash clothes on Monday and ironed on Tuesday. She cleaned house ALL THE TIME and mixed sewing in with all daily chores.” 

The simplicity of this predictable routine is comforting. I suppose the actuality may have been a bit of drudgery, but taken out of context, it seems cozy and secure…the honorable art of housekeeping. There were not many distractions then, no iPhone to follow you around, no social media to check on, no one’s business but your own to know about…seems nice.

But without social media, how could I ever show you this wonderful picture of my 'twin chicks'?

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