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Pink Roses and a Swing

My husband snapped this picture early this morning while leaving the house. I suppose he did it for me, to reassure me of something I do with my heart and hands, to show appreciation for the garden that has been my place of peace for nearly all my life...I appreciate his tiny gesture of recognition. 

I see so many garden images on social media...some are genuine, but many are not. I only enjoy the ones that are seemingly real...the gardens, like mine, that are not 'perfect' or staged, the gardens that are sometimes a bit out of sorts and not flawlessly tailored, the gardens that are tended because of love and thrive in their awkward individuality.

Anyway, I post this so that I have it and to put an image of the coming season ‘out there’….swings and shade and butterflies on zinnias, dragonflies on clotheslines, and fat green lizards sunning on the wooden rails of a deck. And I look forward to the sounds of summer nights when the earth finally cools down, the owls hoot and the loud cries of the cicadas calm down and I stand in a field and wait for the moon to rise…

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