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Notes in a Bottle

Something I found in the depths of my computer, something I wanted to repost...

I woke up early, I always wake up early, but this morning, I got up. It was dark outside, and the nocturnal sounds were winding down, my roosters were beginning to crow and the morning birds were beginning to sing. This very old world was waking up…once again and I am here, part of the chorus. I am here, after a walk outside, after a few minutes of capturing this daybreak, writing…it’s what I want to do these days. The written word is what I want to use to transfer thoughts, thoughts of all kinds, thoughts of gratefulness and happiness and thoughts of concern and fear, fear of what may be ahead… just a stream of conscious ramble, that’s all I expect it to be, but it helps to just put it all out there to press “send” and release. It is a modern marvel, I suppose, it is the high-tech version of a note in a bottle set out to sea, a need to express feelings, to just put them in the sea of life and release. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing with these first few minutes of this morning…waking up to listen to the sounds of daybreak, to find the setting moon, to check on Elizabeth’s snow peas (they germinated), to drink coffee while I sit here and throw out thoughts…and try to make this new chapter in my life the best one.

I’m a mom, so, of course, most of my thoughts are of my adult children…these thoughts are filled with emotional ammo, these thoughts may not always be rational, and these thoughts are boundless….so, let’s not go there. Let’s, as moms, just make good wishes and say prayers that their lives are evenly balanced, their decisions are, for the most part, made from spirit and that all their needs are met and many of their dreams fulfilled. Amen.

Then, there are the thoughts of the world…thoughts of where we are headed…scary thoughts that my reasonable mind tries to silence but sometimes it fails, sometimes, the “stuff” seeps through looking like shadows in the night…lurking, as I watch with apprehension. For me, I worry most about technology and the consequential disconnect from our natural world…you know, that old world where kids played outside after school, small gardens were planted in the backyard, forests were left alone to be home to tiny animals and native plants, remote places that humans had not exploited were abundant, mysteries that only Nature could provide still existed…I do see all of the above diminishing. So much just happens here on these screens and so much of it is not real. I worry about this direction. I feel frightened and threatened. I want the real world to maintain. Instead, it’s becoming an illusion…and reality is in the rear view mirror. I worry about our youth, I worry because they do may not yet have the tools to distinguish truth from fiction, they are still wide eyed and perhaps gullible and their main source of information, in many cases, is from these advanced technological screens that pump in propaganda, well thought out propaganda that is intended to deceive, that is intended to own your thoughts, that is intended to control for profit. Do we understand how much of their lives is centered around technology and away from the real world? This scare is real…this threat is not an illusion.

Then, there are more thoughts of the world…the natural world, the part I love. There are those beautiful people that I find by happenstance, people that make the madness vanish, people that are still connected to the truth and motivate me to be better. You know them when you meet them. It could be for just a brief moment, it could be a word, a look and you know those people are the ones that make it all better, they are our hope. I remember, years ago, being in the produce section of a Winn Dixie, shopping frantically after work and racing to get home to start homework and supper and ten other things and there was this woman selecting apples and singing with a voice that belonged in the choir of a country church. I suddenly felt calm and in touch with what mattered. I have never forgotten how a stranger can have the utmost positive effect on another person…it’s one of those mysteries of the universe, it’s our connection, it’s our magic. I try to keep that lesson on the front burner, that lesson the woman in the produce section taught me without even knowing, we all have that power to create a better place for one another with just a simple gesture.

The day has broken, and my laundry room awaits…I am happy that I took this time to write, to put this note in a bottle and send it off…xops

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