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Ode to August

I see you August, hiding behind the shadows like a timid teen on the first day of school, trying to figure out who they are. You are here, that month that gives extreme heat yet, in the evenings and very early mornings, we see your soft side; you give us little breezes that hint of autumn and cast early morning sunrays that are somehow different than those of June and July; I see you there trying to decide. I see the yellow and burgundy leaves of the fruit trees and crepe myrtles on the ground, and I see the stolen unripe pecans under my trees, the ones the squirrels find. I see the citrus big and green waiting until Halloween and Christmas to turn bright orange, filled with vitamin c to take us through winter, I see the beautiful mess you have made in my late summer yard.

I see you becoming…you are the gateway to back to school and to the holiday season; you are the end of summer.

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