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Figs, Okra and Summer

It felt like the first day of summer, a day ago, a day when the sun was especially hot but then the early evening rolled in and a breeze cooled down the world and the Full Buck Moon will soon rise as the night sounds began; it was summer; it was a day I will think of when December and January are here.

The early mornings shout summer …picking figs before the birds peck them all, listening to the rapid intensifying sound of the locust rising with the thermometer, heating up the kitchen with fig preserves and hearing the “pop” in the late afternoon…It’s all here and happening…jars of preserves are on kitchen cabinets, Kiefer pears are almost ready to drop, okra is ready to cut, smother and freeze for our winter gumbos, and squashes and cucumbers are still on vines…it’s how we do summer here and it’s wonderful.

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