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This is 70

June 29, 1954…wow!…It is  morning and the sun shines on another day. Here we go again…walking into the day with risks of glitches and eyes of joyful expectation.

I, like you, do not understand where all the time went, 70 years is a lot of time. But then, I stop to think…it went into all the days of life…

First there were the young days of discovery, discovery of the world and discovery of self. These days of discovery were  happy and innocent days. I had all my family and there was abundant love and attention…the world was big, and everything was possible.

Next were the days of decisions, decisions to marry, to have a family, to get a job, to buy a house. Those days of decision were sharp edged for there was not much amnesty, not much to stop you once you put into motion the choices you made, choices that would put you on a, hopefully, good path.


Then there were the days of departure. Some of these days were lonely and difficult for there was loss, my mother, my father, and my dear sister. There were friends that moved away and people who changed and sadly, there were people who died. Some sadness was there within that chapter of life, but happiness prevailed, for my family was there, busy growing and finding their way into adulthood and independence, and I felt ‘accomplished’ and pleased.

Now, I am in this place of desperation, desperate to complete all that I still want to do. I suppose ‘desperate’ might be too strong of a word, but its strength makes my point very clear…time to check those bucket list boxes off, as they say, ‘If not now, when’? Time to take the trip, time to make amends, time to speak your heart, time to be your true self.

With a completely honest heart, I declare that I expect to love this new decade. I hope to ‘stay’ young by keeping my mind open and I hope to wake up each day with a purpose, small as it may be, I hope I always find a way to make something a bit better, to continue to make contributions to the whole…

Thank  you for the birthday wishes…being grateful for all of you  is always on my bucket list.

 # DiscoveryDecisionsDepartureDesperation #seventyyearsold #life #happybirthday #beyourtrueself

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A beautiful read…Happy Birthday indeed☺️!

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