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The Muse

It’s true about the “muse”, you must show up.

Some days, like the days of late, I have had very little urge to paint or write, my two “go to” creative mediums.

I spent all my free time in the garden instead, wanting to write and/or paint, but just not “feeling it”, so, I made the mistake of not showing up.

Another artist, Tilly Strauss, someone I met online years ago and have since met at a restaurant on Magazine Street in New Orleans, writes a blog about showing up,

"Showing up for the Muse",

She shows up and is inspirational and prolific.

In an effort to redeem myself and last week’s lack of “work”,

I do feel a week spent in my garden was a creative encounter and it will,

I believe, manifest itself into a painting and/or a blog post; at least, I hope it will.

I close with a quote from Stephen King. This thought sets me straight; everything else I previously wrote is rationalization:

“Don’t wait for the muse. As I’ve said, he’s a hardheaded guy who’s not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering. This isn’t the Ouija board or the spirit-world we’re talking about here, but just another job like laying pipe or driving long-haul trucks. Your job is to make sure the muse knows where you’re going to be every day from nine ’til noon. Or seven ’til three. If he does know, I assure you that sooner or later he’ll start showing up.”


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