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The Balsamic Moon

I love the moon. I am always trying to understand the phases and the rise and set and all that I can about the cycle and how it affects us. I know the moon is a waning crescent right now and will be in that phase until it is new on the 28th. What I did not know is it is also known as the Balsamic Moon; thank you Tilly Strauss, my insightful friend and artist, for this amazing information. This knowledge has opened a new door for me…more info about the moon is always welcome and exciting. Anyway, I have been reading about it and I have always known that waning phase is a time of decreasing, a time to wind down but now I have more knowledge…this cycle suggests we “surrender” and use this time to relax and restore ourselves before the energy from the new moon rises, time to “Relax, relinquish your need to control everyone and everything, and trust that all will be well”.

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