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Sunbeams and Robins

 I intentionally walk slowly through the downstairs rooms, following the path of the late afternoon sun rays. Their light is magical, each room showing off its color, each ordinary item beaming in the natural light. In another room, the TV is on, and people are arguing about all things political, exchanging punches, hiding truths, and manipulating all of us. But here, inside of my house, is serenity and reality, inside is where, for many years past, the sun has danced on walls and illuminated paintings and brought life and movement into the rooms. The exaggerated rays enhance each object they touch while revealing the dusty corners and surfaces the hazier light of morning kindly conceals.

It is a favorite time of day, a time of near completion, a time to unwind just a bit for I am tired from the garden and the day's work and the widespread worry of this modern world.

Like the setting sun, it is time for an ending and a bit of rest, but not before I enjoy the beauty of the magical rays, a reminder that nature is there to put things right for me.


Soon, the Full Worm Moon will light up the night sky and I will watch for robins, coming from the woods, for now the earth will be warm, the earthworms will ascend, and the robins will feast…sadly, somewhat of a metaphor exists within this image.

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