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Currently, I am in search of summer.


Sometimes I find it in the garage where the June bugs gather at night and where my bees look for a faint light, those that dare to leave the hive after dark. I find it when I hear thunder in the distance, and I run to my clothesline to quickly gather clothes. I see it when the cerulean sky fills with fluffy white clouds, puffs that were there in childhood when the green grass was something I laid on and found horses and sailboats and strange faces in the elusiveness of the sky.


Summer is there in the heat of the day when I hear the loudness of the locusts and the quietness of the neighborhood. I remember those moments in summer when I was a child, it was a time to come inside, and my mother would have a bologna sandwich and Kool-Aid for me. Sometimes she would cut the sandwich into two triangles and the Evangeline Maid bread was soft and mounded with mayonnaise. The Kool - Aid was cold with ice was from an aluminum ice tray with a lever you pulled back to release the perfectly shaped cubes. “As the World Turns” was on the television and the unplanned afternoon stretched out forever; the world was as big and beautiful as my imagination.

I end this little post with a humble and unsolicited suggestion; go outside. It is hot but you might see a brown lizard turning to green while perched on a daylily or a blue dragonfly with eyes big enough to see the real world. Go near a field and watch the winged hunters swoop down to catch their breakfast, watch as Nature balances itself. Watch and try not to disturb that balance, for the smallest part of Nature is important. Pick the herbs from your garden to hang and dry for your winter soups. Cut and gather fresh basil and go inside for a cool off and make a small batch of pesto; fill the kitchen with the smell of basil and tonight, cook pasta, add the pesto, and toss…

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