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Sketchy Screens

My poor laptop is filled with musings and pictures and stuff that has unnecessarily taken up space. I am doing somewhat of a ‘laptop spring cleaning’ and I found the following…I think I could classify it as a rant from long ago. It seems I was feeling quite strongly about social media on that particular spring day…


I’m sorry for those who are lovers of nature and were not able, for whatever reason, to be in this morning’s sunshine, for it was especially beautiful here in South Louisiana. So much happens during that small bit of time right after daybreak and before ‘It is so hot!’ is heard by all. The very small creatures are feeding and as they feed, they pollinate and become these little mystical messengers from God, messengers that remind me where I need to be to be me. To wash away the foolishness that is screaming at me from the modern screens, screens that show us untruths, screens that taint all that is good to herd the masses into distortion, to make us feel like the world is bad and we are bad if we don’t follow ‘their’ prescribed doctrine…it has become nothing but horror on these screens. But outside, right after dawn and later, before moonrise, it is real, and it is beautiful.


I have shared pictures of my yard before and if you have seen it, I hope you know it is not photo-ready, it, too, is real. Obviously, nothing is professionally done, for I have used it as a way for me to grow, a way to learn, and most importantly a way to get very close to nature. I see you, little snail that is feasting on my baby cucumber and I see the earthworms that are enriching my garden soil. I watch as the dragonflies pollinate my zinnias and as the caterpillars eat my milkweed and then I see them later as beautiful monarch butterflies.


The fields and yards are covered with wildflowers. As I walk through, I can smell the sweetest fragrance. I am not sure which flower it is from, but it is there amongst the yellows, whites, and lavenders. I am there, and I never tire of the miracles, I never want to be without.


I am blessed with a lot of garden space, so naturally, I have a lot of flowers and pollinators and ‘action’ but once, I only have pots, clay pots with small plants, and still I had natural beauty. Nature will come to you regardless of the size of your garden space, plant something and she will come. And when she does, you will find joy, you will find a place to go, to flee from the screens. I am sorry, especially for children, who have not found the miracles of nature…


p.s. I discovered where the sweet fragrance was coming from and posted a picture of the bouquet I cut and brought inside..

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