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A repost from a few years ago, 2018...a remembrance of my sister and a reminder of the suddenness of life...

The fields are yellow, my sister, Susan’s, favorite color. I find joy looking at nature’s spring bouquet and I am happy for my bees to feast on the nectar and the birds to scatter the seeds. It is all a pleasant display of new life. I write this with words from the heart and feelings that have recently been amplified by sorrow. For those of you who know me, you know about the cut that indiscriminately and suddenly sliced through my world just last week, a wound that is deep and everlasting, the loss of a precious sister.

Spring, this year offers a special meaning to me as I travel forth in this new dimension of life, a place without someone you love. It is a dimension we all visit at some point, the dimension of loss, the dimension that forces us to be very human and vulnerable, the dimension that reminds us that life is fleeting.

I haven’t been able to find much of a muse these past few days so I am “borrowing” a happy little blog post of mine from many years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

“I was outside early one morning last week, a morning before the rains came when late spring and hints of summer were intermingling. I was in my garden picking strawberries I had planted in November – trying to beat the birds, breaking the fast of the night – it was wonderful, pure, whole food from my backyard. I have to say, growing your own food is fulfilling. I suppose the cultivation deed is somewhere in our DNA – a survival tool that we are hard wired for. I heard yesterday that one component of well-being and good health is to have something to look forward to – growing your food gives that to you along with whole food that is free from chemicals and filled with nutrients. Just a small patch of land can do big things for your health. Just saying…

Later, while in the woods, I was dazzled once again by the cobwebs that extended over the paths – masterpieces in the early mornings with dew outlining their shapes and emphasizing their details – little Rembrandts of the night reminding me of chalk artist in today’s cities – working so hard to create, only to be dissolved by an inevitable looming force of nature.

The day rolls out like a tapestry rug – each hour offering something different than the one before, like the chapters of our lives, unfolding and delivering little pieces of art that delight us and then disappear into the morning light of the next day where, if we look ahead, we will see yet another masterpiece beginning.

Anyway…this is my little post of the week. I hope you can find something worthwhile within this pile of thoughts that became words and perhaps push you to make certain you have something to look forward to, whether it is a child coming home for a visit (that’s it for me) or a trip you may take or a ripe strawberry in your backyard.”

I end with a reminder that the Full Sap Moon will rise on the 31st. It will be the second full moon this month, hence, a blue moon. Spring will be delivered this Tuesday and Passover and Easter will soon follow. The Earth is, once again, waking up from the slumber of winter and offering all of us a new beginning. Take it.

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