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Real Joy

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

You must go early, before the sounds of our modern world absorb the silence that is morning. When the waxing moon still sits nearly straight above you and the birds are calling for their mates and the black crows are swooping for breakfast and the dragonflies and butterflies have not yet begun their route…it is the time of awakening, it is the time to fill your soul.

I write this to share the wonder that is ‘simply’ Nature and I share with you a very small but beautiful gathering from my morning in my modest garden. All that you see, and by comparison to many, it is not much in quantity, but, for me, it is a bounty of wonders…for all that I have planted is from the tiny seeds I sowed in winter. Little seeds of life that sat in the windows of my house and sprouted and grew and, in spring, found their place in my small garden. Now, in May, I am rewarded with beautiful cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes and there will be peppers throughout the summer and herbs and zinnias; there will be joy.

This kind of joy cannot be found in ‘made in China’ stores, it cannot be found in the fanciest boutiques; it can only be found in our intrinsic connection to nature, it is the joy that lasts, this one is real, and it belongs to all of us.

I hope my simple words and little pictures somehow encourage whoever reads this to take in the scents and sounds of summer…the lemon smell of the magnolias, the basking lizards, the honeybees with ‘feet’ full of pollen, little green grasshoppers, June bugs, and later, the sound of the cicadas emerging from deep to mate. I hope you notice the phases of the moon as it grows to full this Saturday and I hope more time is spent in the miracle that nature gives us and less time in the world of corporate concrete, a world that mostly takes…

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