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Purple and Gold

These days of spring are doing what they should, they are softly summoning feelings of renewal…and where can that be more prevailing than in the garden and through the woods?

Again, throughout the late weeks of winter, I have planted and cared for tiny little saplings and day-old baby chicks and ducks in my laundry room . Mostly, I have had success, but sadly, a couple of my baby chicks did not survive.

The saplings have grown into small plants and are now in the garden fighting off the spring winds and the baby chicks and ducks are living together (peacefully) in the outside space…all is well.


I planted potatoes in February and have just hilled them for the first time. While I was in my small kitchen garden, I took a picture of something remarkable…the flower of a potato plant. Nature is all about complimentary colors and here is a beautiful example. This is a photo from an iPhone I was carrying in my pocket, capturing the baffling beauty of nature.


The end…I just wanted to pop in, make note of, and share this tiny miracle from Mother is pure, it is unfiltered, it is real.

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