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Planting Seeds

The morning was just right for (re)planting sweet peas and morning glories. The seeds were soaked overnight and plump and ready to nest in the warm soil and, hopefully, grow, and, later, burst into color, color that will greet me at my garden gate on early summer mornings in June. I need that, that visual, that miracle of growth, that beautiful display of nature. It gives me strength and optimism and just makes me happy.

Each time I write about nature, I have a secret wish that someone reading these little musings of mine, will turn over some soil and buy a pack of seeds to plant or just listen for the birds calling one another at dawn or wait for the moon to rise one evening. I know, I am sounding kind of haughty because I am guessing all of you do such and I have no business thinking I can influence, but just incase there is someone who needs a little nudge towards this miracle of nature, I will continue to post…

Mother Nature has ‘injured’ my recently sprouted Morning Glories and my hens have made a mess of my Sweet Pea patch…it’s ok, I am planting again. Nature pays no mind to my efforts and timing, she just does her thing, I must adjust to her if I want to garden.

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