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Ordinary Days

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

A ‘reminder’ of sorts showed up on my FB feed this morning, a little nudge that has rerouted my day and my thoughts in a more achievable and positive way. I thought I would share…

It was a prompt, a reminder to take more notice of the little things in our day, the things that we do almost mindlessly…walking to the mailbox, choosing fresh vegetables at the market, folding towels, tending the garden, chatting with a neighbor. These everyday things we do, seem small until something changes and we cannot so easily do them anymore, then they take their rightly place and seem monumental. Sadly, we might not realize the joy in the routine until it is taken from us…

I post a picture of my ordinary kitchen window as a visual to my story. It is a revealing (and cluttered) ‘register’ of my very simple day…a bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers from Elizabeth, drying herbs, sweet potato vines for my garden in June, a zinnia from my yard, tomatoes ripening on the window sill, a prism that will, later today, as the sun sets, cast little patches of spectrum color all throughout my kitchen, lots of Mrs. Meyers dish washing liquid (my excessive splurge because I cannot decide on my favorite fragrance), a dried rose from Elizabeth’s bridal bouquet, and a tiny statue of Mary that Erik gave me, a daily reminder of the precious gift of motherhood.

Photos of faraway places and glorious vacations are fun and wonderful, but this is where I am every day. This is where baby bottles were once turned upside down to dry and dishes were stacked high from nightly suppers when we were all here, this is where I fix my morning coffee and where cut flowers from my garden are highlighted…an ordinary place that really, is extraordinary…it is a narrative, it is part of a story, the part that really matters… an everyday life. #ordinarydays #simplelife #morningcoffee #driedherbs #flowers

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