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Meadows in Spring

You are all like old friends, friends that went away for winter and came back in spring. I walk amongst you in the field, and I notice, the dandelions that the wind had scattered and the thick clover just waiting to be lain in and I watch the happy bees doing what they were intended to do, in fields free from chemicals. The baby dragonflies have grown up by now and perch on my old wooden clothespins, watching and waiting for food.And then there are the June bugs scattered everywhere this year. Sadly, I find some of them in the watering cans I leave for my chickens, drowned and soon to be eaten…the cycle can be cruel. And my bees are out and about enjoying fresh nectar. I have left the fields uncut for awhile; all my yard is a meadow for a bit of time, and it is beautiful to watch mother nature spill out into herself…as she is meant to do. #meadows #fieldsinspring #honeybees #dragonflies #springflowers #nature #dandelions #bekindtothebee

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