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Marc Chagall and a Green Lizard

I recently posted a quote from Marc Chagall something that said, true art comes from the heart…"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if I create from the head, almost nothing.”


I believe that to be accurate and I believe true art manifests in many forms, one being the written word. With that belief, I write these strings of words from my heart, mostly about the beauty and magic of nature, that, besides my family, is my favorite place to be.


I can feel a bit ‘off’ now and then…no reason, just off’. Sometimes, as we all do and when I feel that way, I go outside and there is a bright green lizard making noise in my abundant Peggy Martin that abounds right off my patio, he doesn’t care what is going on in this big wide world, he is busy having his life, basking in the sun, and eating bugs. Or, I can walk a bit further and see the monarch caterpillars munching on some milkweed or I hear the birds yakking about something high in the trees enjoying the early spring breeze, they don’t care either, they are living their lives and for the most part, joyously. Honestly, after a walk around the yard, through the woods perhaps and a quick check on my garden and chicks, I’m usually well-adjusted once again. I say this to highlight how important, I believe, nature to be for all of us, especially children. Nature provides so many cures for us, but sometimes, we forget to pay her a visit.

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