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June Bugs

Just a little something to share with you who might want to know. Early this morning I went outside to check on things, to see what the night crafted, and I found quite a sight…tens of June bugs attached to the screen on Skip’s shop…they were drawn to the light. That was curious because I always associate being “drawn to the light” as a completely positive and perhaps spiritual statement, but these little June bugs were “drawn to the light” and perished. I thought about this for a bit during the day and could not answer the above question so I started to wonder how I would get them off the screen so I could, at least, feed them to my chickens…I hate to waste dead bugs. Well, late in the afternoon when I was back outside assessing what the daytime had created, all the bugs were gone. They had fallen from the screen and my hens had a feast…they knew exactly where they were and exactly what to do…so foolish of me to think I needed to intervene…nature, as always, was in complete control. We humans just think we can figure her out…she has been here a lot longer than any of us…Anyway, just a little story with, perhaps, a happy ending? You decide.

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