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Goodnight Moon

Honestly, I was searching for something to write about this week, something with a bit of substance to perhaps give you a little thought to waiver in your head like a feather in the wind, stopping to tickle your thoughts a bit then move on. I came up dry. Just more of the same I don’t get out much and it seems all my subject matter comes from my yard lately and its July and so hot so nothing much to report except complaints about the heat and humidity…hmmm.


I idly clicked on FB and there was a picture and a post from a living angel, I’m not kidding this person is that good, Callie Borne. Callie and her beautiful, glorious family are moving to Cottonport. New Iberia will never be the same. It seems she was doing some packing and came across something written beneath the wooden stairs in their house. It was an inspiration from the previous owners circa 1969, somewhat of a time capsule. The two girls ages 13 and 16 made a quick note of a particular day nearly 50 years ago. The younger one was excited about a new dining room set being delivered a day in December and the older girl wrote about Christmas decorations being taken from the staircase closet. It was Dec 1969 – aside note, Christmas was in late December in 1969, not October. Anyway, Callie added to the staircase narrative the names and some dates. I was so moved by this, by this stamp, this indication of a well-loved home sheltering a loving family for a finite number of years.

The families leave, but within the walls are the moments that make a house a home. Farewell to the Bornes. I am certain you will continue to thrive as a strong family. New Iberia will miss you, but we are so happy we have known you…


Pam Shensky

Berry Tales

July 2018




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