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God Winks

Just a tiny entry to make a record of something that just happened, something that some of you may call a ‘God Wink’…something I think of as spiritual and happens to me every now and then. Anyway, for those of you who are of that ‘persuasion’, you might like what I am about to write….

I woke up extra early this morning, trying to harness what has been ‘run away’ days…days that seem to stretch out for hours but, somehow, I blink, and the sun is already setting. I was determined to begin this day with a start to finish word document…my Daily Iberian ‘Sunday’ column. It seems I am always late in submitting and I wanted to give a big effort to be on time this week, so I started at dawn.

I sat at my computer with fresh coffee and found a musing in the archives of my files from long ago. It was something nostalgic about my mother, an incomplete thought that I decided I would develop a bit more. The piece centered around her and her hometown. I was happy with it and certainly happy about being ‘speedy’ to submit.

Out of habit, I end each Sunday column with my 'name', 'Berry Tales' and the 'date of projected publication'. For whatever reason, I continue to use the Sunday date as the date of publication even though the paper is delivered on Saturday…it is just something I have chosen to do. This Sunday’s date will be August 20. As I typed that date, I quickly recalled its significance, it is the day I lost my mother 26 years ago... The two forces joined, my random column about my mother and the publication date. It became a moment that somewhat jolted me; it suddenly connected me to her in a special way. For those of you who have lost your mother, you know it is a place, a space, that cannot be refilled, and any 'connection', such as this one, is welcomed.

I wanted to share this brief, but warm, moment with those of you who have this belief and have possibly experienced a God Wink…

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