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Early Morning

Sometimes, all I need to do is look up at the moon. I did that early this morning, there it was, a half-moon exactly where it was 28 days ago; it never fails me. I stood there and stopped to take it all in, this Saturday morning in late April. There is much promise from the seeds I planted…the citrus trees should be burdened with weight from Louisiana Sweets, Blood Oranges and Ruby Reds, the garden has tiny fruit and yellow flowers, there are tassels on pecan trees, large green leaves to “hide” the figs in July, red strawberries, tiny purple blueberries and small pears dangling from trees. In the woods, there are brambles of blackberries and birdsong that ties it all together. It is a spiritual encounter this early morning walk; it is as it should be…nature, our reliable friend, she keeps the world in balance, filling us with wonder and joy.

Each day should be Earth Day

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