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An Easter Wonder

There is an old house in Morbihan next to Caribbean Ice Co. A couple, the Knatts, lived there for much of their 90-plus years. About 3 years ago, my family purchased this house and property from their descendants. I have been in the house many times since then, walking through it, making discoveries, and paying silent homage to the couple as I enjoyed being amongst their leftover belongings, respecting the life they had lived. Mrs. Knatt was once an Avon rep. and there are tokens from that career throughout. Mr. Knatt worked for Weeks Hall at The Shadows on the Teche, and there is evidence of that long span of time, 48 years, until 1984.

The house is happy, still, even after several years of desertion, it portrays life well lived. Of course, it is in disrepair after years of vacancy, but it is laced with the personalities of Mr. and Mrs. Knatt. Much of the items that are left are lack-lustrous; the family and my family have taken the items that held meaning, and not much that remains would be desired by anyone.


Anyway, today, Easter Sunday, I was in the house again. We were in there trying to make an earnest assessment of the best way to convert the space into a dining area for Caribbean Ice. As expected, time is continuing to take its unmerciful toll. As I was looking around, in a bit of sadness, in front of the old mantel, on the floor, was an Easter basket, beautifully decorated by, I presume, Mrs. Knatt. In all the years, and all the times, I walked through that house, I never noticed this basket, until today, Easter Sunday. Now, I am not getting into a suggestion of a supernatural presence or any such thing, but I do find it amazingly odd that today, Easter Sunday, is the day I noticed the basket filled with a small Easter tree and colorful Easter eggs.

That is my Easter story, my Easter wonder…I share this with you to pay homage to the Knatts and to mention the curiosities of our world. And if you believe in ethereal ‘signs’, perhaps Mrs. Knatt was letting me know she was happy with our plan…I hope so.



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