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Old Man Winter is about to flex his muscles and show us, once again, who is in charge…Mother Nature will rule, no matter how smart we think we are, she will dominate. I love that about her. I love her strength and determination and her ability to do as she pleases. I am not always happy about her decisions, but I always respect them, for she was here first and therefore knows a lot more about this place than we ever will.


I suppose we all have some sort of love hate relationship with her…we love her beauty and bounty but hate her rage and fury.


I suspect when the temperature drops into the teens, much damage will be done to what remains of my citrus trees and possibly all my fruit trees, but I see it, as hard as it is, as a purge…all living things have a ‘season’. I will make a courageous attempt to protect my defenseless trees and susceptible plants with cloth coverings and bringing some inside, but I am very familiar with her wrath…she can be ‘cruel’, no matter how I try to resist, she will ultimately ‘win’.


I have captured a few things of beauty from the outdoors, small plants that will probably not be here by week’s end, but hopefully, will find their way to ‘be’ once again in spring. Their natural beauty helps to navigate through this cold and dreary ‘spell’ that is our South Louisiana winter. I am stacking a few logs near the door to burn during the coldest part of these days ahead. I am not sure how much efficiency my old wood burning fireplace provides but if not physiologically, psychologically, the burning embers and the tending to make me feel a bit warmer.


Anyway…just some random feelings about what is at our doorsteps in a few hours…I write with lightheartedness about concern for my plants, but my real worry is for those without shelter; I hope all will find a way to be warm.

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