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A Stem

Early this morning, that fleeting time when you feel you are the only one awake, the only one in the world, I made coffee and decided it was time for my pumpkin to have a stem. The smell of turpentine and the hint of a beautiful Saturday morning welcomed the "muse". I could have easily dismissed that ephemeral moment with thoughts of obligations, chores, bills to pay, laundry to do, dinner to cook, etc...but this morning, I was able to go to that place where I am alone in my head and I can "reboot", that place where you step away from the pulls of life, some wonderful, some not so wonderful, and you reach the thin air, the air that is pure and fresh, the air that restores you. This is not easy for me, for I always feel I need to be actively "productive", but...

I did it, I got there and I feel accomplished. The manifestation of that "accomplishment" is this lovely stem on my fat, round's the little things xo

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