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A Quick and Cantankerous Outburst

After a few tortuous minutes of cable TV, this (escapism) thought reappeared…sorry for the rant.

I remember these days, days in spring when my thoughts were light enough to sit on clouds for a bit and then were suddenly taken away by the early spring wind, thoughts that were about planting seeds and growing children and what’s for supper.

I suppose those detached days will return but, like a favorite dress that doesn’t fit anymore, they will have alterations, alterations that might feel a bit tight and uncomfortable, at least for a while.

Change…difficult for me, but I do understand its inevitability and I always seek to find its importance; sometimes I do and sometimes I do not.

I do know, at least for me, a child with a sweet smile, a lazy fat cat and a favorite straw hat can make me look towards the future with happiness and hope. Children, the reason we “show up”, the reason we care about the tomorrows.

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