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A Puff of Smoke

Honestly, it was the puff of smoke in the woods that got me started, that found the muse I was looking for. I was seeming like an old woman until I saw it…doing nothing and feeling like doing nothing until I lit a match and burned some old boxes and newspapers. The small fire started and as I walked back to the house, I turned around and saw the smoke against the green woods and somehow, I was transformed and energized…by a puff of smoke. It was a connection I made with nature a connection that always enlivens me…nature is our secret weapon and so many of use either ignore her or worse, destroy her.

The moon was going to be full on this night, the Full Sturgeon Moon, a Super Moon, a moon that comes closest to the Earth. That night, my reacquainted muse found me at my easel finishing a painting of a “super” pumpkin I began earlier in the summer but just couldn’t motivate myself to finish. I did finish and I added a sliver of a moon just because.

Anyway, I write this to perhaps encourage notice of the gifts from nature, to remind us how powerful mother nature is and the positive effect she has on our mindset and consequently our lives. I know everyone says, “if I win the lottery I would…” I will never win because I do not ever buy tickets, but if I did…I would buy up millions of acres and let people wander amongst the natural beauty of our planet and find the secrets that sustain us.

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