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A Memory

It is nearly dark now. The lights are on for reading, the last of the sun’s feeble rays are a pale reminder of summer peering through the blinds…good bye daylight savings, hello darkness. I am not complaining about this early darkness; I will adjust, for this has happened each November of my life since 1966. I will shift my day a bit and try to wake up earlier and go to sleep sooner…I can do this because I am retired, for many, however, the adjustment is difficult…I remember those days.

The faint cast of sunlight and the electric light make for a beautiful moment on this first day of our time change. Before the early evening, the day was one of near perfection. The temperature was just right, the sun twirled across the fields and through the trees as a gentle wind gave autumn leaves back to the earth. It seemed all of the colors were brighter and all of the world was flourishing. I suppose I overstate when I hint that “all of the world was flourishing”, but I do know for certain that my garden is doing just that. The strawberry plants have been hydrated and the crowns have turned a brilliant green, the tiny radish, turnip, and carrot seeds are popping up and leaves on the nearby trees are falling into the raised beds preparing a winter blanket for all that is underneath…that world is flourishing and that world gives me joy.

Anyway, here are good wishes that we all adjust to the “new time” (whatever in the natural world that means) and we find our special way to enjoy the changing of the season as we appreciate the harvest and all the natural beauty nature has to give.

I close my little muse with a few visuals, a few of my favorite moments from my day… Cassia blooming, endless okra, late season LSU Figs (plump and delicious), pink roses, red geraniums and, my favorite, Lizzie and her puppy, Pie Dough…

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