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Updated: 5 days ago

So…this happened. After many years, I have completed this story, this story from a memory, a memory so fragrant, I never wanted to lose.

I am grateful to Olympia Publishers for taking a chance on me and promoting this little book of sweet recollections. If you decide to purchase Bayou Shadows, I hope you will connect to this story, a story my heart has willfully shared…

The cover I chose is of a little painting I did when I was 15 years old. I sat in the field near this house and painted in oils. My dad bought the little frame at TG&Y in Torrido Village, stained it, and framed my painting. At his request, I entered it in the Sugar Cane Festival Art Show that year and it placed first. This small painting from my childhood, with special memories attached to my dad, has traveled with me for 55 years and now it has landed on the cover of this book about this house and the beautiful lady that lived here. Life makes a circle...xops

p.s. Books Along the Teche has a few copies also. You can order from Amazon, , but the print quality is good, but not that of the books from the Olympia Publishers and from Books along the Teche.

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