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‘The year is tiptoeing silently but briskly in front of my life. There is a clever thief amongst us it seems. It is sticky-fingered and elusive, stealing time. So far it has taken the first three months of this year and hidden them somewhere and it may have even taken two complete decades’. (From April 2014)


 But, as fast as it all seems to go, I am now in the midst of the beautiful month of April, and ‘renewal’ is the key word. It is time to douse the home fires of winter and dig in the dirt planting beds of salvia and Sweet William, while ladybugs accidentally land on my sleeve and mosquito hawks begin manning the clothesline.

My little goose is nearly grown now and has unofficially declared herself to be the queen of the chicken yard. Four tiny chicks have grown up enough to free range with the big hens and follow the waddling ducklings along the paths of home eating bugs and sniffing spring as they go here and there. And, finally, they go home again as the sun sets and the world becomes dark and threatening, for the night animals will soon lurk and hunt.

Spring is here and I am happy. I am just not quite sure how it arrived so quickly! 

p.s. Do you see the hen?

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